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Scan on Demand Digital Imaging The benefits of going to a paperless office are Great

- Lower document storage cost
- Improved office work flow
- Ease of records by remote location
- More robust disaster recovery
- Compliance with retrieval laws

But the road to this task can seem daunting.  Our experts will help you turn mountains of files into digital images.  These can be stored on disk or in an electronic document management system.  We manage the whole process and make as smooth as it can be.  Tri State Records removes the stress and pressure from you.  This allows you to focus on your daily job functions.

Your documents are very important to you.  Not only to daily operations of the business but they must be properly maintained for legal reasons such as compliance.  We value the importance of your records and we treat them with the highest level of security and care. The digital images must be easy to read as the originals. 

The most cost effective approach to digitizing media is scan on demand.  Scan on demand puts the exact information you need, in your hands, in minutes, paying only for those documents you need to access. With scan on demand you only pay for what you need, when you need it. Saving thousands of dollars in scanning for documents that remain inactive.

Fully Integrated Solution
We have the ability to digitally scan and deliver documents in minutes through a web connection.  At any point and time going forward these images can be accessed on the web portal and data from your desk top.  Scan on demand gives you the ability to scan what you need, as you need it and retrieve the documents anytime, from anywhere.