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Scheduled ShreddingSecurity and confidentiality are top priorities when it comes to destruction and shredding services.   Government laws pertinent to the required storage of businesses records are strictly enforced with penalties for companies who do not follow the standards and guidelines set by HIPPA and other Acts of federal law. Security of records and customer information is consistently one of the top five concerns of businesses worldwide.

Internal breach is becoming more prevalent thus the reason many companies are implementing out-sourced shredding programs using secure, locked consoles and collection bins to protect sensitive information.

Console pickup Procedures Initial Delivery

Our drivers have completed in-depth background checks, drug screening and are fully bonded.  Tri State Record Storage and Management will deliver locked, clean destruction bins or security consoles to your business per our agreement and pre-arranged delivery and pickup times.  Each container features an internal lockjaw design that secures the lid/door to the container.  All containers have a specific bar-code and are scanned to track the chain of custody (Box to File) along with the individual location.

Disposal of Contents

Upon arrival Tri State Record Storage and Management, the bins are unloaded and stored in our secured facility that features 24-hour alarm and digital camera monitoring both inside and outside.  Each console bag is emptied into a secured collection container.  The bins and collection containers are re-loaded into a secured truck and transported by Tri State Record Storage and Management employees to the shredding facility (which is NAID, National Association of information Destruction, and Certified).  This facility also is digitally monitored and conducts strict procedure controls.  The materials from the bins and collection containers are dumped directly into a shredding machine in the presence of Tri State Record Storage and Management employees. 

Certificate of Destruction

Upon your request, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction from Tri State for your records.

Drop Off Shredding

Tri State Record Storage and Management offers you the freedom to drop off your shredding needs.  Our services range from small business needs to large corporations and individual personal shredding needs.  Shredding services may include bank statements, invoices, bills, and other private information.  We understand the high importance of destroying information that should not fall into the wrong hands.